Sequim Aviation History

Shall we fly back in time and take a look at Sequim aviation history? It’s a fascinating history.

“A little-known fact is that the first airport was right in Sequim: north to south on Cedar to Spruce streets and east to west on Third to Fifth avenues. The pioneers remember that it was built in the early 1930s and used until after World War II when the village of Sequim encroached into its space. . .  In about 1950, the Sapp Farm runway was built south of Beebe’s game farm and north of the Bill Ward homestead. Dan Johnson says, ‘When I built that airstrip, only smaller planes could land because of the large hump in the way, but in the 1980s, I leveled that 5-foot-high mound to accommodate larger aircraft like a Bonanza that often landed there.’”

This interesting piece of aviation history comes from a Sequim Gazette article we strongly recommend re-posted at Sequim Aviation History.