SVA History

The Sequim Valley Airport (SVA) was the vision of the Sallee family. The founder, Jack Sallee, was a jet fighter pilot in the U.S. Military and then went on to a piloting career with Braniff International, and ended his career as a 747 captain. He passed away in 1997. Since that time, the airport has been operated by his wife Winnie with the assistance of their four sons. The airport has been a family affair from the beginning.

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Sequim Valley Airport History

Winnie Sallee was active in the aviation community since her emigration from England to America in 1955. As the  operator of the airport until November 2009 when she passed away, she communicated with the FAA and Washington State Department of Aeronautics for technical assistance on a regular basis. She obtained the new “Airport Overlay District” which further protects airspace approach and departure paths around the airport along with some modified land uses.

Andrew Sallee is the current President. In 2010, a webcam and 24 hr self service fuel was added. The website has been enhanced. Future plans include a possible, GPS approach, hangars and restaurant.

Sequim Valley Airport features a 3500 foot paved and lighted runway. This privately owned airport and residential airpark which is open for public use, and tie downs are available.  There is a 24 hr self serve 100LL Avgas available using Phillips 66 and most major credit cards.

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